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*Information is current as of 3/1/2022.

Please don't use your communication device while walking.

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Call Center

English / 日本語 / 中文简体 / 中文繁体 / 한국어
24 hours a day / Every day

TEL:0120-226-502(Toll Free)

※This service may be unavailable depending upon your phone service provider.

※If you contact us by e-mail, there may be a delay in our response time.

Make sightseeing and strolling
about town even easier to enjoy!

Access this Wi-Fi service even at locations like these around town!

Public Phones

This Wi-Fi service is available around many Public Phones.

Tourist Information Map and Sign

At Tourist Information Map and Sign, nearby sightseeing spots and other attractions are displayed on a map. You can access this Wi-Fi service around tourist information markers.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a handy resource that displays directions to your destination, nearby sightseeing spots, a hotel, a restaurant with a multilingual menu, an ATM that accepts international cash cards or any number of other locations.
Multilingual (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean) search functionality adds extra convenience!

Important Notice

  • This service is operated by NTT Broadband Platform, Inc (NTTBP).
  • This service is provided on a best-effort basis. Connection speeds and quality cannot be guaranteed.
  • For ease of use, no WEP key or other encryption is set. Security is the responsibility of the user.When secure communication is required, we recommend using VPN (Virtual Private Network) or the paid public hotspots services.
  • VPN and some other services may not be accessible due to the network settings.
  • In the interest of protecting children, access may be restricted to certain websites deemed harmful to minors by this company.
  • No devices or software used by customers of this service are supported by NTTBP. Please contact the device or software manufacturer for support.
  • Please be aware that NTTBP shall assume no responsibility whatsoever in the event of any personal damage to the user, or third party dispute, resulting from use of this service.
  • This service may become temporarily unavailable for reasons such as equipment maintenance.
  • Location data, time of use, language of use and other personally non-identifiable data may be provided to local governments, partner companies and other third parties for analysis as statistical data in developing local tourism promotion and disaster prevention policies.
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